Enough Is Enough: Take A Stand Against Sexual Violence

About the Pledge

Three and a half billion women live on Earth, and one in three will be raped in her lifetime. Recent incidents in India and South Africa have focused attention on the brutal and unacceptable epidemic of violence toward women. Here's what you can do.

1. Join One Billion Rising — Even if you missed Eve Ensler's global One Billion Rising event, you can still join the movement and show your solidarity with women who have been the victims of violence.

2. Walk A Mile In Her Shoes — Not a woman but still want to show your support? You can literally walk a mile in "her" shoes — high heels, that is.

3. Cross Your Arms — Take a picture with your arms crossed as hundreds of others have done on Stop Rape Now, as a gesture of your desire to see world leaders act.

4. Send A Letter — Also at Stop Rape Now, you can write to your elected officials, asking them to take action against sexual violence in conflict zones.

Stand with women around the world and sign the pledge below to fight for an end to rape, abuse and violence against women.

I stand with millions of women and men around the world in demanding an end to the epidemic of sexual violence. I will show my support by joining others in protest and letting my elected officials know that they must advocate for the victims of rape and abuse.


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    Rita Campbell
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    Nancy Ortez
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    Carmen Stanescu
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