Stop Big Oil From Degrading One of America’s First Wild and Scenic Rivers

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Each one of these is longer than a football field, is wider than two lanes of highway, and can weigh more than 800,000 pounds—400 tons. They are called “megaloads,” and they are massive semi trucks pulling equipment for oil production in Canada’s tar sands.

These megaloads can do tremendous damage to the roads and surrounding environment, and a proposal would have them driving through a river corridor of two of America’s first Wild and Scenic Rivers, the Middle Fork Clearwater and the Lochsa.

This area supports threatened steelhead and chinook salmon and drives a tourist economy tied to rafting, fishing, camping, and hunting. All of this to support big oil’s attempts to convert U.S. Highway 12 in Idaho into a transport route for massive loads of equipment bound for the Canadian tar sands in northern Alberta.

Tell the U.S. Forest Service to protect the special values of these Wild and Scenic Rivers by saying no to megaload shipments through the river corridor. 

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To: U.S. Forest Service

Since 2009, the oil industry has sought to convert U.S. Route 12, a National Scenic Byway that parallels America’s two of America’s first Wild and Scenic Rivers, into a “high and wide” transport route for massive loads of oil processing equipment (aka megaloads) from West Coast ports to the tar sands of northern Alberta.

While the U.S. Forest Service has previously stated that megaload shipments are incompatible with maintaining Wild and Scenic values and a federal judge has affirmed the authority of the Forest Service to review and regulate highway activities to protect Wild and Scenic values, this nationally treasured river canyon remains at risk.

Citizens across the nation cherish the ecological, recreational, and spiritual values provided by this amazing river canyon, and your leadership is important to the permanent protection of these values. I ask that the U.S. Forest Service develop and enforce needed rules to protect this very special place.


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    Michael Sexton
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