Stop Forced Evictions in Romania!

Stop Forced Evictions in Romania!

About the Petition

The Craica settlement in the city of Baia Mare is home to one of Romania’s largest Roma communities — a subgroup of the Romani people, also known as “gypsies”. Recently, 30 families were evicted after they received demolition notices from the police. According to Amnesty International, these families were told their property “lacked the necessary authorization and had to be demolished.” Evictions without proper consultation, where families are not given alternative housing options, are illegal under international law.

Many of these families and others find themselves on the street, vulnerable and subjected to poverty and insecurity. In May and June of 2012, 500 residents of Craica were relocated to an unsafe former chemical factory; 22 children were rushed to the hospital for medical attention after inhaling poisonous gas.

These Roma families are victims of human rights abuses that continue today. These individuals and other at-risk families need to be ensured procedural protections from forced evictions without adequate alternative housing options. 

Stand with organizations like Amnesty International in demanding unlawful forced evictions in Romania are stopped immediately!

Photo Credit: Bogdan Cristel/Reuters