Stop Idaho's Next Wolf-Killing Derby

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About the Petition

A radical anti-wolf group has applied to the Bureau of Land Management for permission to hold a wolf and coyote killing "derby" on public lands surrounding the Salmon, Idaho, area.

This is the second derby in the same area organized by the group Idaho for Wildlife. The contest has historically awarded prizes for the most carcasses and for the largest wolf carcass taken by participants.

Contests like this have no place on public lands. They put individuals, pets, and native wildlife at great peril and are in complete opposition to responsible, ethical hunting.

Please ask the Bureau of Land Management to deny permission for the proposed wolf and coyote killing derby in the Salmon, Idaho, area.

To: Bureau of Land Management

I urge that the Bureau of Land Management deny any application for permission to use public lands in the Salmon, Idaho, area (or elsewhere in Idaho and surrounding states) for the purpose of “predator derbies.”

These commercial killing contests are unsportsmanlike and put individuals and wildlife at unnecessary peril. Encouraging the mass killing of predators is ethically indefensible and has no place on public lands.

Please deny the application for the proposed “predator derby” on the BLM lands surrounding the Salmon, Idaho, area during the weekend of Jan. 2–4, 2015.


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Action Updates

  • 10 September 2014

    We did it!

    Because of dedicated advocates like you, we reached our goal of 10,000 signatures.

  • 08 December 2014

    Action Update

    Thank you for speaking out against the reckless wolf killing "derby" that was being proposed on public lands surrounding Salmon, Idaho. We have good news! As a result of public pressure, The Bureau of Land Management recently canceled the permit that would have allowed these derbies to take place!


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