Stop the Northwest from Becoming a Conduit for Dangerous Coal Exports

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The exportation of coal has been an issue discussed by people from all over, for years. This activity is not only harmful to the general public, but it threatens our ecosystems and physical environments. And not to mention, these projects could lead to people in the region literally breathing coal dust! This is wrong!

Given the devastating impacts to air, water, climate and human health, an Environmental Impact Statement must be prepared for each of these individual projects immediately.

Also, the federal agencies involved must issue an environmental review before the planning for these projects goes any further. This review should look into impacts of coal dust, railroad and port congestion, traffic, water and air pollution, and the overall effects this could have on climate change. These projected coal export terminals will affect every living thing in the area, and the Army Corps of Engineers needs to realize the true harm that they could cause.

To: Army Corps of Engineers

To date, more than 150,000 people have made their voices heard by expressing serious concerns regarding the issue of exporting coal from the Pacific Northwest. This is a real problem that could affect many different aspects of Earth’s physical environment as well as our health! 

Currently, there are three proposed coal export terminals in Washington and Oregon that would export millions of tons of coal each year through our communities and waterways. 

I am concerned about local, regional and global climate impacts to my community from the cumulative effects of the combined proposals. The federal agencies involved should conduct an in-depth, area-wide environmental review that considers consequences for all projects -- from the coalmines to the trains, and from the port terminals to the coal burning at power plants -- prior to any permits being issued.


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Action Updates

  • 20 January 2015

    We did it!

    We reached our goal of 5,000 signatures. Let's keep the momentum going!


  • 9954
    Kendra Stevens
    Lemoore, CA
    2 hours ago
  • 9953
    Mark Fabian
    Pittsburgh, PA
    4 hours ago
  • 9952
    Mindy Botchuck
    Two Rivers, WI
    5 hours ago
  • 9951
    Violeta Mac Arrow
    12 hours ago
  • 9950
    Nancy Ortez
    Garden Grove, CA
    18 hours ago
  • 9949
    Patricia Harlow
    Binghamton, NY
    1 day ago
  • 9948
    Louise Zopuyan
    Murrieta, CA
    1 day ago
  • 9947
    Diana Garcia
    Greenwood, IN
    1 day ago
  • 9946
    Vista, CA
    1 day ago
  • 9945
    Gretchen Hogan
    Munster, IN
    1 day ago
  • 9944
    Dr Janice Kirsch
    Berkeley, CA
    1 day ago
  • 9943
    Rosa Vocino
    1 day ago
  • 9942
    Yvette Fernandez
    Corona, NY
    1 day ago
  • 9941
    Thomas Ratcliffe
    Sparks, NV
    1 day ago

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