Stop the Pipeline! Don’t Let Oil Destroy the Great Lakes

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A proposed oil pipeline extension near the Straits of Mackinac, Michigan, could dump millions of gallons of oil in U.S. Great Lakes, which hold 95% of North America’s freshwater. If the decrepit, 60-year-old pipeline ruptures, untold damage to drinking water, beaches, and endangered wildlife would occur.

The development firm, Enbridge Energy Partners, previously spilled 843,000 gallons of oil in Michigan’s Kalamazoo River and 48,000 gallons in Minnesota. Additional safeguards are necessary before the company proceeds, and a Presidential Permit for the operation would allow increased oversight and public engagement.

Stand with the National Wildlife Federation and urge the U.S. Senate to require a Presidential Permit for the Mackinac pipeline.

Photo: Cleanup of Enbridge oil spill in Kalamazoo River in 2010. (Credit: Rebecca Cook/Reuters)

To: U.S. Senate

As concerned advocates, we ask you to request the Department of State to require a Presidential Permit for the Mackinac pipeline extension.

Enbridge Energy Partners has caused several catastrophic oil disasters in the past, and continued work on this aging pipeline could contaminate the Great Lakes, which contain one fifth of the world’s freshwater supply. If a spill occurs, the estimated eight minute shut-off time could still dump 1.5 million gallons in the Straits of Mackinac.

A Presidential Permit would call for environmental impact statements and additional public engagement. I support the National Wildlife Federation in urging you to require this permit.


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Thanks to all of you, we have reached our goal!  

However, when we send off this petition, we want to do so with as many signatures as possible, so please continue to spread the word!


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    10 months ago
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    Susanne Foegen
    10 months ago
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    Lisa Gaddy
    Ashburn, VA
    10 months ago

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