Stop Racing Turtles Before They Go Extinct

About the Pledge

Communities across the country have annual turtle races, and some places like Longville, Minnesota are known for it. At these events thousands of turtles are taken from their natural habitats and exposed to fatal diseases. Stand with The Center for Biological Diversity: communities must stop catching wild turtles for these inhumane races!  

Ranavirus has spread to many amphibians including 20 different species of turtles, and caused large population declines in 25 states. To prevent its spread, turtles shouldn’t be released into the wild, and wild turtles shouldn’t be moved from their location.  

The disease has been classified as the biggest threat to biodiversity and survival of amphibians. Measures need to be taken and stopping turtle racing is a good start.

Photo Credit: Russell Burden/Getty Images

I will stand with organizations like The Center for Biological Diversity and urge communities to stop catching wild turtles.

I pledge to:

  • Educate myself on diseases that affect turtles and amphibians, like ranavirus.
  • If I’m conducting or attending a turtle race, I won’t catch turtles in the wild. I will use creative alternatives like toy turtles on strings or rubber turtles.
  • Donate to the Center for Biological Diversity and support their dedication to protecting the future of all species, including turtles.
  • Become a member of the Center for Biological Diversity and help save the earth’s most precious natural creatures!


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