Stop the Bay Delta Twin-Tunnels Project, and Protect the Pristine Northern California Watersheds

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The Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) works to protect and restore ancient forests, watersheds, coastal estuaries, and native species in Northern California. EPIC uses an integrated, science-based approach, combining public education, citizen advocacy, and strategic litigation.

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The draft Bay Delta Conservation Plan and associated draft environmental impact report/environmental impact statement are available for public review and comment until July 29, 2014. The 40,000-page document is flawed and deeply expensive. The project relies on disingenuous phrasing and over-allocated water rights to justify the construction of these tunnels. The “conservation” project fails to anticipate future conditions of California’s water systems and favors Big Agriculture and fracking interests in the San Joaquin Valley.

Likewise, the proposed project would severely affect critical habitat for many species, including endangered Delta smelt and steelhead and chinook salmon. In addition, it would decrease water flows, impact many other threatened and endangered species, exacerbate ecological drought conditions, and waste $67 billion in taxpayer dollars.

Tell California’s elected leaders to stop the Bay Delta Conservation Plan and explore more–cost effective and less-destructive water supply alternatives. 

To: Ryan Wulff, National Marine Fisheries Service

We the undersigned request that the Bay Delta Conservation Plan be halted. This “conservation” plan has little to do with conservation. The very name of the project is disingenuous at best and deeply cynical at worst.

The $67 billion infrastructure project proposes to construct two massive tunnels that would funnel water from Northern California to Southern California. This project puts Northern California watersheds at risk by further marginalizing the importance of free-flowing watersheds. The plan calls itself a comprehensive conservation strategy aimed at protecting dozens of species of fish and wildlife, but in reality the 40,000-page document fails to disclose major irreversible impacts on fish, rivers, and the economic stability of the state of California.

River systems throughout California have been experiencing extreme drought conditions, and historic water rights have not been honored because of the lack of water in our rivers and reservoirs. Building two giant tunnels to transport water from the San Joaquin Delta will not carry out either of the plan’s two main goals: to reliably transport more water to San Joaquin farms and Southern California cities or to restore the fisheries and ecology of the delta.

Building more irrigation infrastructure, as the plan proposes, will not fix drought problems in California. Instead, this project will exacerbate drought conditions, resulting in greater impacts on threatened and endangered fish, such as Delta smelt and steelhead and chinook salmon, by reducing flows to impaired watersheds, draining estuaries that are essential to healthy river ecosystems, and allowing the continued operation of pumps that will kill fish that are protected under the Endangered Species Act.

The risk is too large—reject the Bay Delta Conservation Plan.


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