Stop the Killing of Boto River Dolphins in the Amazon

About the Petition

Thousands of Boto dolphins are illegally hunted in the Amazon every year, mostly for bait to catch piracatinga catfish. During a hunt, dolphins are corralled into nets and harpooned by fishermen. The dolphins are then tied by their flukes to submerged trees, usually while alive, and left until the fishermen return to kill them. The pain and stress that these gentle and curious animals endure is unimaginable.

The Brazilian government has outlawed the sale of piracatinga catfish over the next five years owing to the link of this activity with the illegal killing of Amazon River dolphins. The government is now working with the national fishing industry to develop different ways of catching piracatinga. It has also committed to creating a governmental task force to protect the dolphins.

Now it's the turn of Colombia, the primary market for the piracatinga, to help save the river dolphin. We're urging Colombian officials, as we did in Brazil, to curb the sale of piracatinga and improve law enforcement to protect dolphins. We’re also asking Colombian supermarkets to stop selling the piracatinga fish and the Colombian public to stop buying it.

You can help end this cruelty. Please sign and share our petition.

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Updates & News

  • Oct 16 2015

    We did it...AGAIN!

    Thank you for helping us reach 50,000 supporters! We've now upped our goal again to 100,000 signatures! Let's keep the momentum going to save the Boto River dolphins.

  • Apr 27 2015

    We did it!

    Thank you for helping us reach 30,000 supporters! Let's keep the momentum going!