Stop Toxic Dumping By Our Navy

Stop Toxic Dumping By Our Navy


About the Petition

Through the SINKEX program, the Navy uses decommissioned vessels for target practice and sends them — along with polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs — to the bottom of the ocean. This element was banned in 1979, and its discharge pollutes the ocean floor and wildlife. PCBs also cause cancer in humans and even harm the developing brains of fetuses and infants in pregnant or breast-feeding women.

The EPA requires that the Navy disclose the level of PCBs left onboard. However, these reports have been found to be inconsistent and unreliable. The Navy also estimates the cost for removing toxins from the ships, pre-destruction, is between $500,000 and $600,000, which is a fraction of the total cost of sinking a ship — estimated at $22 million.

If the Navy recycled their ships instead, we could prevent ecosystem destruction and provide jobs and revenue to the ship recycling industry.

The EPA is the only group that can stop the Navy from wrecking havoc on our oceans and our own health.

Unite with the Center for Biological Diversity and tell the EPA to revoke the Navy’s exemption for the SINKEX program.

Photo Credit: Ho New/Reuters