If We Don’t Act Now, Who Will Teach Our Kids?

About the Pledge

America’s schools are in crisis, and the only people who can give our kids the education they deserve are underappreciated and underpaid. Think it doesn’t matter? Think again. A whopping 50 percent of all teachers leave the classroom within five years. Even scarier, half the nation’s teachers will become eligible for retirement in the next decade, which means the entire teaching profession is at risk if this trend continues. We need a major change in the way we treat our teachers, and we need to give the next generation hope that there’s a real future in teaching.

Here's where you come in. Take the pledge, and click to watch the video that shows how one incredible teacher is making a difference.

I pledge to support organizations such as TNTP, The New Teacher Center, and and encourage the next generation to go into teaching.  

I pledge to

Action Updates

  • 18 September 2014

    We did it!

    Thank you for helping us reach 15,000 supporters! Let's keep the momentum going to support our nation's teachers!

  • 03 June 2015

    We Did It AGAIN!

    Thank you for helping us reach over 30,000 supporters! We can still do more! Please continue to share this action with family and friends!

  • 24 June 2015

    Thank You!

    Thank you so much for helping us spread the word about the crises' threatening are nation's top educators! Lets continue the momentum!


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