Support President Obama's $10 Million Fight Against Wildlife Crime

About the Pledge

Rhinos, elephants, and tigers are threatened by wildlife crime every day— ruthless individuals bribe officials and intimidate communities to acquire animal parts such as horns and tusks. Stand with President Obama and the WWF to strengthen wildlife enforcement in key African countries.

President Obama recently pledged $10 million toward ending illegal wildlife trafficking in Africa to prevent animal slaughter. The trade generates $7-10 billion per year, and as a result endangered animals have been hunted to near extinction— 300,000 elephants are killed every year. Moreover, criminal organizations and militant groups are responsible for murdering at least 1,000 park rangers over the last decade.

Kenya has announced a crackdown on illegal trading, but we need solidarity in our efforts. If these animals become extinct it'll be too late. Stand with WWF and end wildlife crime today!

Photo Credit: Phil Noble/Reuters

I stand with President Obama against wildlife trafficking and support the WWF. Some steps I can take include:

  • Spread awareness about the issues associate with wildlife crime.
  • Never buy illegal products made from animals as this encourages poaching.
  • Stay informed of wildlife issues.
  • Support WWF through financial donation and spread their messages online.


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