Support Responsible Microloans and Bootstrap Those in Extreme Poverty

About the Pledge

Today, about 1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty, making less than $1 a day. Seventy percent of them are women.  

Dependable microloans can change the lives of individuals, especially women, in communities all over the world. Microloans help borrowers build safe, stable, and sustainable homes for their families, and they give entrepreneurs the ability to start their own businesses. As microloans succeed in communities, these individuals can make greater investments in their children’s education, provide adequate nutrition to their families, and in effect lower the overall risk of disease.

Help bring families out of poverty. Stand with organizations such as Kiva, Opportunity International, Jamii Bora Bank, Whole Planet Foundation and Grameen America: Support responsible microloans.

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I pledge to stand with organizations such as Kiva, Opportunity International, Jamii Bora Bank, Whole Planet Foundation and Grameen America in supporting responsible microloans and their ability to bring families out of poverty.  

I pledge to:

  • See the tangible, positive effects microloans have had on the lives of individuals in places such as Iraq, Palestine, Bolivia, and Mongolia.
  • Give a Kiva Card today, and support a borrower of my choice. I will help individuals in more than 70 countries become entrepreneurs, pursue their education, and change their lives for the better.
  • Invest in a family, which will then reinvest in its own family through Opportunity International.
  • Educate myself on the tools for responsible microfinance and how to recognize exploitative practices such as high interest rates and aggressive debt collection tactics.
  • Donate to Whole Planet Foundation


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