Support the EPA's New Rule to Limit Carbon Pollution From New Power Plants

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Carbon pollution is driving climate change, transforming our weather, disrupting our lives, and threatening our future. The culprit? Dirty power plants dumping unlimited carbon pollution into our air. A groundbreaking rule proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency, if adopted, will change this picture. The rule will significantly limit the amount of carbon pollution new power plants are allowed to dump into our air and help ensure a safer, cleaner, and healthier future for us all.

Tell the EPA we need to make carbon pollution a thing of the past!


I’m writing to support the carbon pollution standards for new power plants.

Carbon pollution is being dumped into our atmosphere at unprecedented and unregulated rates, and it’s costing us. We’re paying in dollars, lives, jobs, lifestyles—truly in every way imaginable.

Because of this unchecked carbon pollution, I’m living in a world of extreme, erratic weather. In 2013 alone our precious planet was subjected to biblical flooding, unprecedented wildfire, crippling drought, devastating super storms, and so much more. I don’t want to leave that behind for future generations.

If carbon pollution continues unchecked, my children face a future of extreme weather, worsening health, food insecurity, and bleak economic conditions. I refuse to sacrifice their future when clean, renewable alternatives are readily available.

Today, power plants have limits on emissions of mercury, sulfur, arsenic, cyanide, soot, and lead, but there are no federal limits on carbon pollution that is responsible for climate change. This must end, and your limits on carbon pollution from new power plants are an important first step.

Thank you for recognizing the cost we’re all paying for carbon pollution and for taking necessary steps to protect future generations of Americans, and people just like me.


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