Tell Japan: End Illegal Antarctic Whaling Today!

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An international court has ordered Japan to halt its illegal Antarctic whaling expeditions, ruling that the missions are just commercial hunting "masquerading" as science. Sounds like great news, right?

But Japan's prime minister has promised to keep up his fight against whales: "I want to aim for the resumption of commercial whaling." His fisheries minister went even further and ate a piece of whale steak for the cameras.

With many whale species still listed as endangered, it's past time for illegal whaling to end, and it's up to you to help get the job done! Prime Minister Shinzo Abe cares about Japan's international reputation, so sending him 50,000 SierraRise signatures can make a difference.

Sign the petition below to tell Japan: The whole world is watching! Respect the International Court of Justice, and end illegal Antarctic whaling today!

To: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Fisheries Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi

Endangered whales are an important part of our planet's threatened oceans. The whole world is watching: I call on you to follow the International Court of Justice's ruling and end illegal whaling in the Antarctic Ocean at once.


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  • 35802
    Athena Granger
    Farmington, NM
    6 hours ago
  • 35801
    Juan Arossa
    Miami Beach, FL
    8 hours ago
  • 35800
    Anna Roberts
    South Africa
    8 hours ago
  • 35799
    Phyllis Sistrunk
    Fort Worth, TX
    9 hours ago
  • 35798
    Steve Severino
    Forest Hill, MD
    11 hours ago
  • 35797
    Jamie Knee
    Miami, FL
    12 hours ago
  • 35796
    Torborg Berge
    16 hours ago
  • 35795
    Deanne Hoff
    Eagle, ID
    19 hours ago
  • 35794
    Kaarina Moilanen
    19 hours ago
  • 35793
    Cynthia Mann
    Beverly Hills, CA
    21 hours ago
  • 35792
    Doris Mirescu
    Brooklyn, NY
    22 hours ago
  • 35791
    S Wit
    23 hours ago
  • 35790
    Cristina Russo
    Aurora, CO
    1 day ago
  • 35789
    Jessica Holm
    1 day ago

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