Tell Wildlife Services: No More Needless Killing

Tell Wildlife Services: No More Needless Killing

About the Petition

Disappearing habitats and encroaching development are leading to more and more conflicts between humans and wild animals. The problem, argues Defenders of Wildlife, is that Wildlife Services is relying too heavily on killing to resolve these conflicts, especially when there are non-lethal alternatives.

The first priority of Wildlife Services should be conservation, not killing. This “shoot first” policy isn’t a productive long-term solution. For example, coyote populations continue to thrive even after being targeted for killings by Wildlife Services. In addition, reducing one type of species can have a devastating effect on an entire ecosystem. 

Defenders of Wildlife is petitioning Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to reform the Wildlife Services’ kill-first mentality, which is leading to the deaths of an estimated 100,000 animals each year. If you support Defenders of Wildlife, sign this petition and urge Wildlife Services to adopt a more humane approach to wildlife conflicts.

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