Time to Champion Human Rights at the World Bank!

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The U.S. government provides more than a billion dollars to the World Bank every year to invest in projects in the name of “development.” Yet the World Bank has no internal safeguard policies that guarantee respect for human rights. The result: Some World Bank–financed projects leave the very people the bank aims to support even worse off.

For example, in Honduras, the World Bank Group financed the Dinant oil palm project that has ignited violence in the Aguan Valley. The company has been implicated in extensive human rights abuses, including the killing, kidnapping, and forced eviction of farmers. Over the past four years, 102 members of local peasant associations have been murdered, 40 of these deaths associated with bank-financed Dinant property or its security guards.

The United States is the World Bank’s largest shareholder and currently is developing its position on the bank’s safeguard policies, which are under review. It’s time for the U.S. to champion safeguard policies that respect human rights so that economic development improves people’s lives.

Make your voice heard. Sign the petition calling on the U.S. government to ensure that the World Bank’s new safeguard policies uphold human rights.

To: U.S. Department of Treasury

As a member of the public, I am writing to urge the United States government to ensure that the World Bank safeguard policies respect and uphold human rights.

Sustainable development cannot happen without respect for human rights.  I urge you to ensure that the new policies require the World Bank to undertake human rights due diligence, including: 

  1. A commitment not to finance activities likely to cause or contribute to human rights abuses;
  2. Human rights impact assessments for all bank-financed activities; and
  3. Policies that are consistent with international human rights standards.


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    Rachel Betts
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    Holly Dowling
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    Nettie Payn
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    4 days ago
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    Jocelyn Medallo
    Washington, DC
    4 days ago

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