Tell Senator Boxer: We Need Her Leadership Now More than Ever on Toxics Reform

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It's time for Washington to make laws that protect us from harmful chemicals, not laws that protect the companies that make those chemicals.

A new bill has been introduced in Congress, and it's unacceptable. It falls far short of the reforms Americans need and have been assured were in the works. Sen. Boxer is the chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee - the committee that will oversee this bill. We need her leadership now more than ever.

To: Senator Barbara Boxer

As a supporter of Environmental Working Group, I am writing to say that, as always, we're counting on you to fight for real reform on our broken toxics law.

Americans deserve nothing less than a robust regulatory system that ensures that before they go on the market, chemicals won't endanger children's health. We need a reform bill that has some actual reforms.

We need you to reject this bad deal with the chemical industry and make sure that chemicals are safe for all of us— especially our children.


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    Dave Wilson
    Palmdale, CA
    4 minutes ago
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    Pat Dellitalia
    Port Jefferson Station, NY
    45 minutes ago
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    Carol Christensen
    Saint Louis, MO
    49 minutes ago
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    Loretta Stagen
    New Preston Marble Dale, CT
    1 hour ago
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    Diane Keyser
    Fort Dodge, IA
    1 hour ago
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    Peter Haroutian
    Worcester, MA
    1 hour ago
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    Karen Griffin
    Prairie Village, KS
    1 hour ago
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    Betsy Germanotta
    Cambridge, MA
    1 hour ago
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    Lynn Kouzel
    Fullerton, CA
    1 hour ago
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    Cleo C Slifer
    Corbett, OR
    2 hours ago
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    Chris Wolff
    Charlestown, MA
    2 hours ago
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    Joyce Selig
    Elcho, WI
    2 hours ago
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    Thomas Farquer
    Signal Hill, CA
    2 hours ago
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    Gail Dolly
    Mc Alpin, FL
    2 hours ago

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