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Women Thrive Worldwide is the leading nonprofit organization bringing the voice of women around the world directly to decision-makers in Washington, D.C.

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This Thanksgiving, more than 840 million people won't get enough to eat. But it doesn't have to be that way. If women farmers had equal access to agricultural resources as men do, as many as 150 million fewer people would go hungry.  

You can help make global hunger a thing of the past. Stand with women farmers—sign Women Thrive Worldwide’s petition, and they will deliver your signature to Congressional leaders. 

To: Representative Ed Royce, Chairman of Committee on Foreign Affairs

It’s atrocious that more than 840 million people don’t have enough to eat. As Chair of the Committee on Foreign Relations, please do everything in your power to help pass the Global Food Security Act. Women farmers are key to addressing global hunger. These farmers deserve:

  • A long-term strategy to improve global nutrition, food security, and agricultural development.
  • Our assistance in securing seeds and fertilizer, trainings, credit and overall market access – efforts that increase the capacity of farmers to grow more food and better sell at local markets.


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    Fort Collins, CO
    17 minutes ago
  • 2072
    Katherine Davis
    San Clemente, CA
    59 minutes ago
  • 2071
    Nathalie Pérez
    1 hour ago
  • 2070
    Joan Overcash
    Centerdale, RI
    2 hours ago
  • 2069
    Shannon Lechner
    Dorchester Center, MA
    2 hours ago
  • 2068
    Francesca Pawelczyk
    6 hours ago
  • 2067
    David Ogorzaly
    American Samoa
    6 hours ago
  • 2066
    Sandra Grant
    Canton, OH
    6 hours ago
  • 2065
    Danville, CA
    7 hours ago
  • 2064
    Paola Erazo
    8 hours ago
  • 2063
    Paola Erazo
    8 hours ago
  • 2062
    Christel De haas
    8 hours ago
  • 2061
    Kimberly Schleder
    Allentown, PA
    8 hours ago
  • 2060
    Mauro Miceli
    8 hours ago

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